4 Player Game

"Rollors can be addictive. You keep thinking you can do better, so you want to keep playing to try new techniques. Overall, we found Rollors was a great game for kids (and adults) of all ages to play" Daddoes.com

Position the red and blue goals approximately 25 feet apart on level ground.

Each team, consisting of two players each, uses one set of rollers. One member of each team is positioned at each goal and rolls to the other. The rollor should be rolled on the edge, with a wind-up and release as in bowling. The rollor must touch the ground with in 4 feet of the release. Once the blue team has played the red team takes a turn.

Safety Notes: 
Throwing the rollor is NOT allowed. 

Only one player scores each round and that is the player with the rollor that is closest to the goal. The measuring cord should assist in determining which player is closest. In the case of a tie neither player scores. All rollers of the closest scoring color to the goal receive points. 

In order to score, a rollor must fall entirely within a 5 foot radius of the center of the goal. A measuring cord is provided to measure this requirement. Points are given as follows:

  1. Rollors that land on their side - score a point value equal to the number that is showing.
  2. Rollers that stop on the edge - score a point value equal to the sum of both sides.
  3. Rollers that come to rest against the goal - score a point value of double the number showing.
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    Play continues with rounds that are started by the last color that has scored, rolling back and forth between goals. To win, a player must achieve a total of 21 points or more, and must have two more points than the opponent.