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Rollors | Lawn Games, Outdoor Yard Games for Fun Outings"Rollors is the Next Great Lawn Game You've Never Heard of" Wall Street Journal

"Our Favorite Pick for a Must Have Beach Game" Coastal Living Magazine 

"Rollors is Family-Friendly and Perfect for your Next BBQ" Fox & Friends

"Rollors is a Wonderful Gift for Under $50" Today Show 

"Rollors was exciting for my family of seven…they really enjoyed playing this game. They laughed and had a good time” LaDonna, Mom Blogger Read the full review at (link)

"Thank you Rollors for such a great experience in reviewing your game. Our family and friends plan on getting lots of use out of it in the days to come!"  Bonnie Ann, Mom Blogger Read the full review at (link)

"Add some friendly competition to your next motorhome getaway with a new lawn game that combines the best of bocce ball, horseshoes and bowling” Motor Home Magazine 

“Best Gear New Stuff for 2014” Men’s Journal Magazine 
"Rollors is a fun new outdoor game that offers a creatively unique alternative to traditional lawn sports. The game combines elements of two old games, Horseshoes and Bocce, to make one easy and mobile game” Travel Sprout Magazine
"A mash-up of bocce and horseshoes, the family-friendly Rollors is a lawn game that’s as addicting as it is easy to play Men’s Journal 2015 Gift Guide
"Get on your feet and ready to roll. Rollors is fabulous fun for the whole family. With a nod to Bocce and horseshoes, Rollors’ unique twists bring a new dimension to active games”
Washington Family Magazine 

"This is a fabulous new outdoor game that all members of the family would enjoy…we have played Rollors several times since receiving it and love it! We are going to take it with us on vacation next month too when we head down to the beach house." Shelly, Mom Blogger Read the full review at (link)

"If you are looking for an outdoor fun game for the whole family, this is it! This is a game you will not want to stop playing and it is perfect for parties!” Melissa, Mom Blogger Read the full review at (link)

"I highly recommend this game! This game is a no brainer – you get a GREAT game and support the people who defended our country – win-win!" Jennifer, Mom Blogger Read the full review at (link)

"This fun backyard game will keeps participants moving and engaged without great athletic ability required. The rules were very straightforward and luck as well as skill were necessary" Professional review of Rollors by Franki Read the review at (link)

"The game itself is not hard to set up at all. Easier than horseshoes since you don't have to dig a whole for a post...The next thing I noticed is the quality of the wood used for the pieces. This is a nice sturdy wooden game set. Not just the feel and weight, which is minimal and easy for anybody to play, but also just the beauty. You can see the grain in the wood and all the natural markings. I love this” Kelli 

“Rollors is a wonderful outdoor game that is fun for all ages! Not only is this game a lot of fun, but it also allows you to relax (unless you are like our family and are really competitive! haha)” Shanda, Mom Blogger Read the full review at (link)

"I hand selected the Rollors game for Tosso.com because it's a unique and fun game to play. It's similar to every outdoor game ever sold, yet there is nothing like on the market like it. I guess you have to play it to understand that statement completely" Brent Doud Tosso.com and Laddergolf.com

It is perfect for those fall festivals you have coming up! This game is a mix of some of your favorite . A mix of Bocce, Bowling, and on the ground darts makes for an interesting game and great way to get off the couch as a family!" Abby from Mommy Moments 

"It's a great game of skill with the element of chance! You can set up Rollors in seconds in your backyard or take it with you to the park or beach, thanks to its convenient carry bag" Marlie and Me, Mom Blogger

"Rollors can be addictive. You keep thinking you can do better, so you want to keep playing to try new techniques. Overall, we found Rollors was a great game for kids (and adults) of all ages to play" Daddoes.com

"Take a break from volleyball, badminton, and horseshoes, and join in the fun of Rollors!" LifestyleandCharity.com

"My boys were begging for one more round to see how much they could beat us! And yes, they truly beat us at this game!" Lynchburgcouponmama.com

"I really liked Rollors--just the right combination of skill and chance that is fun to play across generations. You hit a sweet spot!" Sherry, Play On Words Award

"We had the Rollors game out of the box and set up within five minutes, and proceeded from a simple game to a full-on tournament! All the members of our family had a great time. What a fun, portable game for all ages! (I should note that my 7-year-old is the current Rollors champion, but we're planning a rematch) We also discovered that Rollors makes a great indoor game on days when we can't get outside to play--the carpeted hall makes a perfect surface!" Mari Farthing Editor of MetroFamily Magazine

"We LOVED the Rollors game! There were 8 of us (from age 11 to 71; including 1 pre-teen, 3 teenagers, 2 middle-aged adults, and 2 senior adults) who tested it out many times from last Thursday through Saturday. We played it with several combinations of players and teams, and it was a "hoot" for all of us! Truly, it was one of our Thanksgiving highlights." Larry Jackson Leisure Lines Blog

"Rollors are fun to roll – easier on arm and wrist than most rolling/pitching lawn games, more suitable to kids as well as adults, seniors." Major Fun See the full review at (link)

"Everyone and their brother has a game of bags (or “cornhole”) and they probably have bocce, jarts, washers, croquet or horseshoes lying around too. But those games are old, tired and everyone has them. Rollors is new, different and..." Kim Vandenbroucke See the full review at (link)

"I found it to be quite fun and a break from the tried and true “tossing games” normally found in the tailgating parking lots. One aspect that struck me was the quality craftsmanship of the wooden pieces...." Dave See the full review at (link)

“You never know, it may become the next up and coming game of bowls or croquet over here in the UK!” Mike www.toyinventions.co.uk